our expertise

Rapid delivery

We send the trainer to train up a group of people on your own premises. We work across South Africa and internationally. Should you wish the training to be done away from your work environment, we can arrange that too.

Subject Matter Experts

We have rigorous standards and refuse to work with anyone but the best trainers. Our extensive network means that we have a choice of accredited trainers to offer for all of these subjects, partly to ensure the best ‘fit’ between trainer and client.

Out Of The Box Courses

Our experts will work with you to design the course to specifically focus on the needs of your organization. They will liaise with your organization to answer all of the questions you may have as well as go deep into the practicalities of your business needs.


Wherever we start we promise the same outcome: that we will deliver an excellent learning and development experience using  outstanding expert trainers. 

In some situations, you may find that attending or sending your staff to one of the public courses is not ideal or you may find a need to train a group of staff from your organization.

In-house training will help you to handle this problem.

  • Discuss situations and cases specific to your organization in confidentiality.
  • Customize the topics to your organization’s needs.
  • Flexibility, you choose when and where you want to be trained.
  • A chance to build team-spirit and bring staff together in a common learning environment.
  • We can organize in-house training anywhere in Southern Africa for you.
  • The cost per person is lower than sending staff to a public course.
  • There are no airfares or hotels to include in your training budget.
  • You create a great impression in your by arranging high-speed training at an affordable investment.